What supplies do you need to raise chickens? This depends on how many chickens you have, how safe you want to keep them, and the typical weather in your area. Note that as an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases.

At the very least, chickens need:

  • Appropriate food
  • Clean water
  • A well-ventilated shelter that protects them from predators, wind, and precipitation
    • Has roosting bars for perching while they sleep
    • Includes nesting boxes for cleaner, safer egg laying


Shelter Supplies:

Chicken Hutch A small hutch like this is a good way to start. This one is big enough for 2-4 chickens.

PawHut 77″ Wooden Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Cute Outdoor Hen House with Removable Tray, Ramp Run, for Garden Backyard, Natural

Bedding Lining the base of the chicken hutch with straw or pine shavings like these makes it easier to clean and provides a layer of insulation in cold weather.

Manna Pro Fresh Flakes | Chicken Coop Bedding | Pine Shavings for Chicken Bedding | 4 Cubic Feet

Wire Fencing Chicken wire is relatively cheap and will keep chickens contained, but it is not strong enough to keep out many predators. To keep your chickens safe, use wire fencing with small openings like 1×2 inches, or even smaller to also keep out rodents and snakes. I used this brand on my coop, and it very sturdy and is holding up very well.

YARDGARD 309223A Fence, 36″ x 100’/2″ x 1″, Color – Galvanized

Food Dispenser – Heavy Duty This heavy-duty feeder works really well at keeping a lot of food contained, clean, and readily available. This design works very well to keep out rodents.

RentACoop Automatic Metal Treadle Feeder – Outdoor Use, Rainproof – Suitable for Chicken, Bantams, Poultry, Pheasants, etc. – 25lb Capacity

Food Bowls These basic food bowls are just the right size and sturdy enough to last. They work well for both food and water.

Little Giant® Plastic Utility Pan | Feed Pan | Durable & Versatile Livestock Feeding Bucket | Made in USA | 5 Quart | Black


Water Dispenser This is one of my absolute favorite items in my chicken coop. It holds a lot of water, is very easy for the chickens to drink from, and because it hangs off the ground, the water stays clean. With a regular water bowl, I had to clean out and refill the bowl at least every other day – and every single day in the summer. With this water dispenser, I only have to refill every few weeks. In the winter, I plug it into an outdoor extension cord, and a heater in the base keeps the water just warm enough to keep it from freezing. It works so well!

Farm Innovators HPF-100 Thermostatically Controlled Heated 3 Gallon Plastic Outdoor Year Round Hanging Poultry Chicken Water Fountain, Red


Nesting Box Liners Straw or pine shavings can also be used to make the nesting boxes cozy, but I particularly like these nesting box liners because they last a lot longer and reduce the likelihood of the eggs breaking.

Nest Box Pads for Chicken Nesting Boxes – 13 x 13 Pads Made in USA from Sustainably Sourced Aspen Excelsior (10 Pack)



Food, Supplements, and Treats:

Chicken Feed

This chicken feed has 16% protein, just right for laying hens. It’s formulated into crumbles, which my chickens prefer to pellet-style food.

Manna Pro Chicken Feed | 16% Chicken Food with Probiotic Crumbles, Chicken Layer Feed | 8 Pounds

Oyster Shell

Chickens need a regular source of calcium in order to make eggshells. Crushed oyster shells like these are an economical, easy way to provide a source of calcium.

Manna Pro Crushed Oyster Shell Calcium Supplement For Laying Chickens – Poultry Treat – 5 lbs.


Chickens don’t have teeth, so they eat tiny pieces of rock which then go through their digestive tract acting as “teeth,” helping grind the food up so it can be digested and used.

True Grit! Premium Poultry Grit for Backyard Chickens | 5 lb

Grubs Grubs, like mealworms, are a great source of protein, which chickens especially need when they are molting and when they begin laying eggs. Use as a treat to supplement their regular feed.

Grubblies – Healthier Than Mealworms for Chickens – Chicken Feed Supplement with 50x Calcium, Black Soldier Fly Larvae Chicken Snack, Natural Grubs for Chickens, Hens, Grown in The USA and CA – 1 LB

Mealworms Mealworms are a great source of protein, which chickens especially need when they are molting and when they begin laying eggs. Use as a treat to supplement their regular feed.

5LB 100% Natural Non-GMO Dried mealworms-High-Protein for Birds, Chicken

Scratch Grains Scratch grains are an excellent way to both supplement chicken feed and keep them busy and entertained. Simply sprinkle some scratch grains on the ground, and let them go to work!

Manna Pro 7-Grain Ultimate Chicken Scratch – Scratch Grain Treat for Chickens and Other Birds – Non-GMO Natural Ingredients – 10 lbs

Cracked Corn In the wintertime, offer chickens some cracked corn in the late afternoon or evening. Simply sprinkle it on the ground and let them scratch and eat it up. Digesting corn fires up the chickens’ metabolism, helping to keep their bodies warm on cold winter nights.

Manna Pro Chicken Scratch | USA Purple Corn, Treat for Chicken Coop, Duck Food, Chicken Supplies | 10 Pounds





Egg Holder for Refrigerator

Having a safe way to store eggs will be important as you have more and more available. These drawers fit nicely in a refrigerator and hold up to 60 eggs.

60 Grid Large Capacity Egg Holder for Refrigerator, Household Egg Fresh Storage Box for Fridge, Multi-Layer Chicken Egg Storage Container

Hanging Food Holder My chickens LOVE eating heads of lettuce off their hanging feeder. It keeps the lettuce clean and gives the chickens some interactivity since it moves. In the summer, I freeze the lettuce before I hang it so they can have bites of something both cold and hydrating on hot days.

Vehomy Chicken Veggies Skewer Fruit Holder for Hens Pet Chicken Vegetable Hanging Feeder Toy for Hens Large Birds 1PC