A small flock of 3 to 6 chickens is often recommended for beginners. This manageable number allows those new to chickens to gain valuable experience in caring for chickens without becoming overwhelmed. Beginners can focus on learning about the needs and behaviors of chickens, mastering basic coop maintenance, and ensuring proper nutrition and healthcare. Additionally, a smaller number of chickens requires less space and resources. This makes it easier for beginners to provide adequate housing, feed, and attention to each bird. As beginners become more confident in their skills with chicken care, they may choose to expand their flock gradually. However, starting with a small number of chickens provides an excellent foundation for learning and enjoying the rewarding experience of raising these fascinating birds.

When adding more chickens to the flock, introduce them gradually. Allow them to be near each other with supervision in an open area, and monitor their behavior with each other. Wait until they seem comfortable with each other (potentially a week or more) before leaving them alone or having them roost together overnight.

For suggestions of necessary and optional supplies, see our Chicken Supply List.